Join us for Advocacy Day on May 14

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Photo: David Marvin Bicycle and Trail Advocacy Day is coming soon on May 14, where we’ll gather at the Capitol, meet with legislators, and ask them to pass laws that improve life through bicycling. I’m writing to give you a quick update on where things stand with our plans for the day and priority issues....

MDOT’s Five-Year Transportation Program – our comment

August 21, 2023

The Michigan Department of Transportation Five-Year Transportation Program has been released and is open for public comment until Sept. 8, 2023.  Please consider writing your own comment and submitting it by Sept. 8. Take Action LMB’s full comment is as follows: Thank you for the opportunity to provide comment on the MDOT Five-Year Transportation Program...

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Just Drive

June 7, 2023

Q. Can I hold a phone while driving in Michigan? A. No. House Bills 4250, 4251 and 4252 were enacted into law with the signature of the governor on June 7, 2023. They take effect on June 30, 2023. These laws mean that it is now illegal to hold a phone while driving in Michigan....

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What you missed (if you missed Advocacy Day) and how you can help

May 4, 2023

Dear friends and fellow bicyclists, It’s spring at last, and I find myself taking off to ride every chance I get, relishing a little sunshine and warmth after a long Michigan winter. The first few bike rides of the spring remind me how grateful I am for the upcoming warm season, but I also notice...

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Registration Open for LMB Advocacy Day on May 2

April 7, 2023

We’re so pleased to invite you to LMB Advocacy Day, at the Capitol in Lansing on May 2, 2023! Join us at the State Capitol on May 2 for a unique opportunity for cyclists of all abilities – casual riders and die-hards alike – to converge on the State Capitol and speak with one voice...

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Nominate an Outstanding Bicyclist for our 2023 Awards

March 24, 2023

The League of Michigan Bicyclists wants to honor those who are having an impact on Michigan Bicycling. The award categories, listed below, give you the opportunity to nominate a person, club, team, or organization in your community who is making Michigan a better place to be a bicyclist.  New this year: LMB will make a...

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LMB’s position on e-MTBs on Michigan trails

March 22, 2023

As you may have heard, the Michigan DNR is considering a policy change to allow Class 1 e-bikes to use natural surface trails on state lands. We heard recently from Chief Ron Olson that they would like to receive a position statement from LMB. Recognizing that opinions vary widely on this topic, we also see...

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Bike Lights for Michigan Nights

March 15, 2023

Good lighting plays a big part in keeping bicyclists safe on Michigan roads. About 48% of bicyclist fatalities were reported in dark conditions, and Michigan law requires a white front bike light and red rear light for people riding after dark. Unfortunately, not every Michigan bicyclist can afford the lights they need. In partnership with...

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Seeking candidates for the LMB board

February 6, 2023

The League of Michigan Bicyclists is seeking to fill up to three openings for our Board of Directors. We are committed to reflecting the vibrant diversity of our members and of the Michigan bicycling community, in line with our vision for a state where bicycling makes life better for everyone. Are you enthusiastic about bicycling in...

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Candidate Survey responses!

October 21, 2022

LMB reached out to candidates for the Michigan State House of Representatives and State Senate last month and invited them to answer the following questions. The responses we received are below, with candidates for representative listed first, in order of district, and then candidates for senator. Candidates gave a “yes” or “no” for each legislative...

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Our letter of opposition to SB 1191

October 6, 2022

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, LMB communications and advocacy director Matt Penniman hand-delivered a letter to the offices of Senators McBroom, Outman, Schmidt, and McCann, regarding the opposition of LMB, the Michigan Mountain Biking Association, and many other regional mountain biking associations, bike shops, youth bicycling organizations, and others to SB 1191. The letter begins: “Chair...

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