List of LCIs by Region

League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) are ambassadors for better biking through education. After earning certification through a 3-day, League Coach-led seminar, LCIs teach Smart Cycling classes to children as well as adults. Their goal is to help people feel more secure about getting on a bike, to create a mindset that bikes are treated as a vehicle, and to ensure that people on bikes know how to ride safely and legally.


  1. Atlantic Mine. Joshua Myles [email protected] 
  2. Eastern U.P. Brent Bolin [email protected]


  1. Petoskey. Brent Bolin [email protected]
  2. Traverse City. Stephen Hannon  [email protected] 
  3. Traverse City. William Danly [email protected]


  1. Grand Rapids. Tom Bulten [email protected] 
  2. Grand Rapids. Joshua Duggan [email protected] 
  3. Grand Rapids. Jay Fowler  [email protected] 
  4. Grand Rapids. Amanda Moore [email protected] 
  5. Grand Rapids. Thomas Tilma [email protected] 
  6. Grand Rapids. Ryan Wendt [email protected]
  7. Grand Rapids. Erin Sloan-Turner [email protected]


  1. Fair Haven. Al Lauland [email protected]


  1. Lawton. Renee Mitchell  [email protected] 
  2. Mendon. Delton Pangle  [email protected]
  3. Porage. Bill Surna  [email protected] 


  1. Ann Arbor. Raymond Hess [email protected] 
  2. Lansing. Erin Sloan-Turner [email protected]
  3. Okemos. Tim Potter [email protected]
  4. Okemos. Anne Readett [email protected] 
  5. Grand Ledge. Ben Rollenhagen  [email protected] 
  6. Ypsilanti. Carole Hann [email protected]
  7. Ypsilanti. John Waterman [email protected]


  1. Clarkston. Scott Bendle   [email protected]
  2. Detroit. Jacob Graham  [email protected]
  3. Detroit. Rory Lincoln [email protected] 
  4. Plymouth. Karen Zynda [email protected]
  5. Westland. Terence Treppa [email protected]