Bicycle Education at LMB

June 16, 2020

Educational programming is one of the most important things we do here at LMB. We work with children on how to safely ride a bike, with new drivers on how to safely share the roads, and with law enforcement on how to properly enforce laws that make us all safer.

We are lucky to have our new full time Education Coordinator, Erin Sloan-Turner, in charge of everything we do for bicycle education including:

  • Coordinate (and train) League Cycling Instructors to teach hands-on classes in communities across the state.

  • Develop an online test for cyclists and motorists that explains the rules of the road, and how all users of the roadway can co-exist safely.

  • Provide training to police officers for a greater understanding of bicycle and pedestrian law, while emphasizing how empathy, ethics, and equality can make us all safer on the roads together.

  • Work with the Brain Injury Association of Michigan to distribute helmets to those in need.

  • Support community organizations with educational tools, and help guide them through our Micro-Grant program.

  • Grow our partnership with the Michigan Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association while providing on-going curriculum development for drivers’ education.

  • Continue engagement with e-learning participants through our online platform, newsletter, and email, ultimately strengthening the relationship to help drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists use the roadway together.

Here’s where you come in. While this position is partially funded through the Office of Highway Safety and Planning, your support is a crucial part of continuing these efforts. We need you to become a sustaining donor – one of a small group of key supporters who keep our educational efforts alive. A recurring donation is easy to set up and automatically goes to your credit card each month. You can pick the dollar amount that’s right for you, but our goal is to find 50 sustaining donors who are ready to give $35 per month.

If you’re one of them, sign up to be a sustaining donor here. Will you give up one take-out dinner a month to improve life through cycling and ensure safe roads for everyone?

Best wishes,

Allison Quast

Development Director

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