Shout out the word on safe passing

September 14, 2022

Close passes on the road are frightening and dangerous. Too many Michigan drivers are still ignorant of the safe passing laws that LMB fought to get enacted. We’re spreading the word, but we need your help.

We scripted and recorded an audio PSA about safe passing with help from WJR, and it’s playing there now. Your donation of any size will help us buy the rights to broadcast this on radio stations across the state. Let’s spread the word to drivers that there are consequences for violating safe passing laws, and make Michigan bicycling better.

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Hear the PSA:

Read the script:

SFX: Brief police siren
Voice 1: Afternoon, sir – you know why I stopped you?
Voice 2: No, officer. I know I wasn’t speeding!
V 1: Well, you passed that bicyclist really close. Too close.
V 2: I did?
V 1: Yep, and in Michigan, you have to give bikes at least 3 feet of clearance when you pass. It’s the law.
V 2: 3 feet? I’m sorry, I didn’t know.
V 1: Well, it’s 5 in some Michigan cities. It’s a civil infraction and the fine’s about two hundred bucks.
SFX: Outro music
V 3: A little room can save a lot of cash… and maybe a life. Tell a friend: give bikes at least 3 feet when you pass in a motor vehicle. A message from the League of Michigan Bicyclists.

If we can raise our target of $5,000 from this campaign, we plan to record and release four more radio PSAs on more bike safety topics!

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