Ten Tips for Your Bike Commute

September 7, 2021

On Friday, Sept. 3, we asked LMB followers on Facebook, “What’s the first tip you would offer to someone commuting by bike?” Out of the 170 comments we received, here are ten great suggestions to keep in mind.

Inspired? You can join us throughout September for the Bike it! Commuter Challenge!

Avoid distractions.

1. “Don’t wear headphones.” – James H P Witchell
2. “Stay off your phone.” – Kathleen Sudz McCarthy

Be prepared.

3. “Get a handlebar mirror!” – Shelley Miller

4. “Vet your route, parking space, change location, etc. on a non-workday. Figuring it all out at 7:00 is hard.” – Scott Noren

5. “Make yourself visible, front and rear lights even during daylight, bright reflective clothes, a helmet, and the safest route possible even if makes your ride a little longer.” – Pat Gifford

6. “Shower in the morning… BO is sweat mixing with dead skin cells or something like that, the more recently showered you are the less likely you’ll stink after getting sweaty.” – Erin Lodes

Ride smart.

7. “Keep your line straight and focused with your head on a swivel.” – Andrew Jon Staub

8. “Make yourself big. If you hug the curb, drivers will give you less space.” – Mel Higley

9. “Assume that drivers don’t see you, even if they are looking right at you.” – Rick Ellery

Enjoy the ride!

10. “I commute everyday and if I could say only one thing. Enjoy it… it’s good for mental and physical health.” – James Lenard

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