I Love It When A Plan Comes Together.

June 10, 2019

There is this old TV show I used to watch growing up in the 80s. At the end of every episode, when the enemy was beaten and peace restored, one of the main characters would lean back in the shade, smile, and tell his team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

If you stuck around long enough on Saturday afternoon; after the music was over, the tents taken away, and all the HUB Fest banners taken down, you may’ve seen a similar moment with our Ride Director, Scott Elliott and the rest of the LMB Staff. Scott, leaning back in the shade, smiling and saying, “I love it when a plan comes together.”



No event this size can ever happen with the work of just a few people. HUBFest takes hundreds of people to be a success. At LMB, we couldn’t be more grateful…

  • …to the cyclists who rode with us.
  • …to the volunteers who spent hours planning, preparing and working the event.
  • …to our sponsors who supported us.
  • …to the folks from the City of Adrian who opened their streets to us.
  • …to the bands, vendors, downtown business owners.
  • …to everyone who came down to Maumee street to celebrate with us.

Thank you so much for being a part of bringing our plans together and making the 3rd edition of HUB Fest the biggest and best yet!

There are a few people who need to be recognized for going above and beyond, making HUB Fest a success.

Mary Poore is the volunteer Volunteer coordinator for HUB Fest. She and her husband, and many of her volunteers were at the registration tents in downtown Adrian before any cyclists showed up. Mary caught every detail and if she couldn’t recruit a volunteer to take on the task, she took it on herself. Thank you to Mary and her team of great volunteers who were really the driving force for making HUB Fest a success this year!

Our Sponsors make HUB Fest possible. And for most of them sponsorship includes more than writing a check to LMB and hoping the event goes well. They were at the event a part of making it great!

Thank you ProMedica for not only being a sponsor, but for making the ProMedica Farm a SAG Stop and providing the cyclists with some rest and refreshments for the ride.

Tim Harvey, State Farm Insurance not only supports the event, but his team was part of the street party.

And here’s a great story about Adrian Locksmith & Cyclery – who has been a part of HUB Fest from the beginning.

We’re headed into town after the hour and 1/2 drive from West Bloomfield….and I know I’ve got an issue with a broken spoke as I mentioned below.  And, we want to make sure we can join the group start for Vino Velo.  It’s 9:45 AM.  I see Adrian Locksmith and Cyclery on the right as I drive toward downtown…swing the car around and walk in the store.  The owner is there as I ask if he can basically drop what he’s doing and fix my spoke so I can get to the start on time.

What a nice gentleman whose family also works in the Shop.   Bottom line is….at 10:02 my spoke has been replaced, bikes are back on the car….and I’m on my way to the start…with time to spare.

A very nice welcome to Adrian from an appreciative guest (our first time to Adrian).

Thanks for a fun day and well run event.


Bike Law Michigan
Tim Harvey, State Farm Insurance Agency
Visit Lenawee
Kiwanis Club of Adrian
Adrian Locksmith & Cyclery

Tecumseh Brewing Co.
Spotted Cow
Maple City Chiropractic
Peloton Resources
Cotton Brewing Co.

The City of Adrian does a tremendous job to welcome LMB, HUB Fest, and our cyclists to their town each year. Chris Miller is the lead economic and downtown developer for the City of Adrian. I wish you could have all seen him Friday night: directing traffic, setting up road closures, and negotiating compromises between contractors, employees and downtown businesses. Chris and his team did a great job!

Our Riders! Thank you for being a part of HUB Fest! We had more people register this year than any other year of the event (Oh, and a side thank you to Mother Nature – What a gorgeous day!). One of my favorite parts of the day was chatting with the last two people who came back to town after finishing the 100 mile route. Neither of them had never done 100 miles before. They were exhausted after fighting the wind and hills. But they finished and had some great stories to tell about their ride! I hope you have some great stories to share about your ride as well.

At some point during the day, the idea came to me that planning for next year’s edition of HUB Fest starts now.

June 6, 2020 (our tentative date for the 4th Annual HUB FestI) will be here before we know it. If we want next year to be even bigger and better than this year, we need to start planning now. Will you help us start planning? Keep an eye on your inbox for a Rider Survey. By filling out this survey you’ll be helping us know what we did well and what we can do better. You’ll also be a part of making the plan come together for the next HUB Fest.

Jason Craner
LMB Development Director

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