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January 25, 2019

Facebook fundraisers give you an easy way to accept donations from your network of friends and family to help you raise money for LMB. Donations are handled directly through Facebook. Every dollar makes a difference and we are so grateful for your support.

We’ve pulled together some resources for you to lean on as you get started fundraising on Facebook. Feel free to reach out with any questions! Contact us.

Setting Up Your Fundraiser

  1. From your personal Facebook account, Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed.
    Don’t see it? Click See More… under the Explore section
  2. Click Raise Money.
  3. Select Nonprofit.
  4. Select LMB:
    Don’t see LMB? Type League of Michigan Bicyclists in the search box
  5. Decide how much you want to raise.
    We suggest a fundraising goal of around $200 or more.
    Try getting $1 for every mile you ride this month.
    OR 1 donation for every year you’ve been alive.
    OR make it a competition… get a friend to start a fundraiser and see who can raise the most money.
  6. Set an end date for your fundraiser.
    Give yourself a few weeks to reach your fundraising goal.
    If you are doing a fundraiser for your birthday, start it a week to 10 days before and let it extend a week to 10 days past your birthday.
    If you are doing a fundraiser around a ride or an event, start it 6-8 weeks before and keep it running throughout the ride/event.
  7. Name your fundraiser.
    Get creative. Title your fundraiser with something simple and eye-catching, like “Raising Money to make Michigan Bicycling Better” or “Celebrate My Birthday by Supporting LMB.”
  8. Tell your story. Consider the following prompts to add your personal touch:
    I’m passionate about bicycling because…
    My personal connection to bicycling is…
    I’ve been involved with LMB since…
    I’m doing this to…
  9. Select a cover photo:
    Use that great pic of you on your bike. OR if you want something else, we’ve attached a gallery of potential photos from which to choose.
  10. Click Create.

Best Practices

  • Spread the word! To reach as many of your friends as possible, be persistent!
  • Think about your personal story and motivation to fundraise for this cause.
  • Use your phone to post a video with a fundraiser introduction or update.
  • Include photos in your posts.
  • Share your fundraiser with close friends and family first. Once you’ve had a few donations, you can share it with all of your friends. Those you’re not as close to are less likely to donate to a page without much support.
  • Make sure to post your fundraiser at least a few times before your end date approaches.
  • Open your fundraiser page and click the “Share” button. From there, choose to either post it on your timeline again (and tag your friends) or send it in a private message.
  • Post your fundraiser directly on your closest friends’ timelines.
  • For those friends who may not visit Facebook often, copy and paste the URL into an e-mail with a note.
  • Provide regular updates about your campaign as well as encouragements through additional posts on your timeline. Try to post at least once a week, but more often if you can!
  • Set an automatic vacation responder on your email and include your fundraiser link.
  • Send a personal note on Messenger about your fundraiser.
  • Each time someone makes a public donation, there’s also a post that’s made in the Fundraiser. It’s a great idea to comment on each of those to acknowledge each gift.
  • Thank your donors by tagging them in posts.
  • Once your campaign ends, thank your donors again. LMB will send a thank you note to your donors, but you can too. If you need some help with what to write, we can help you. Contact us.

Example Posts

  • I’m raising money for the League of Michigan Bicyclist to make Make Michigan bicycling better. Help me reach my fundraising goal of $200. [link to fundraising page]
  • I just signed up for Shoreline West. 347 miles of beautiful bicycling along Lake Michigan. I will be raising money for League of Michigan bicyclists. Help me reach my goal: $1 for every mile! [link to fundraising page]
  • Please support the League of Michigan Bicyclist as I train for Shoreline West this summer. Your gift will help make Michigan bicycling better. [link to fundraising page]
  • It’s my birthday! Help me celebrate by making Michigan bicycling better. Donate to my birthday fundraiser for League of Michigan Bicyclists. [link to fundraising page]
  • I’m still raising money for the League of Michigan Bicyclist. Every donation counts no matter how small, so please support my efforts. [link to fundraising page]
  • I just received a $[XXX] donation from [Donor Name] for the League of Michigan Bicyclist. Thanks [Donor Name]! Now, I challenge you to match it! [link to fundraising page]
  • I’m half way toward my $[XXX] goal raising money for the League of Michigan Bicyclist. Please help me reach the finish line! [link to fundraising page]
  • I’ve almost reached my goal of $[XXX]. I just need [three more $25] donations. You’re helping to make Michigan bicycling better. [link to fundraising page]
  • Just 1 more week until my LMB fundraiser comes to an end. I’m challenging myself ride 347 miles on Shoreline West, and challenging you – my friends and family – to support my efforts by making a donation to help make Michigan bicycling better. [link to fundraising page]
  • Did you know LMB led the charge to enact Michigan’s safe passing law?(include 3-foot graphic in post) Donating to my LMB fundraiser will help make Michigan bicycling better. [link to fundraising page]
  • Did you know the League of Michigan Bicyclists has given $30k to organizations promoting bicycling and the safety of bicyclists on Michigan roadways? Help them make Michigan bicycling better by donating to my LMB fundraiser. [link to fundraising page]
  • LMB promotes bicycling and the safety of all bicyclists on Michigan roadways. Help me raise money to make Michigan bicycling better! [link to fundraising page]
  • We did it! Thanks to everyone who helped me reach my fundraising goal for LMB! Together, we are making Michigan bicycling better! [link to fundraising page]
  • Thank you to my friends and family for all your support. Together, we raised $[XXX] for LMB. Keep an eye out for some Shoreline West pics later this summer! [link to fundraising page]

Throughout your Fundraiser, if you have any questions or need some ideas on what to post, don’t be afraid to reach out! Chat us on Facebook or email us.

Before you kick off your Facebook fundraiser, call us and let us know so that we aren’t surprised when Facebook sends us a check with the donations you raised for us.

Thanks again for becoming a Facebook Fundraiser! We appreciate your dedication to helping LMB. 

Jason Craner

LMB Development Director


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