Micro-Grants in Action: St. Anthony of Padua Parish – Mackinaw City

December 1, 2021

The St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Mackinaw City saw a major safety crisis in their community. There were hundreds of international workers that came to the area every summer to work in the tourism industry and many of them were riding their bikes home after shifts in the dark without any lights. Their Micro-Grant application was for lights to provide to these bicyclists to keep them safe.

“Thanks to a grant from LMB, we were able to outfit every bike we loan to international summer workers with front and back lights. This is very important since 99% of the bikers ride distances to their housing units late at night. Since we are a tourist area, we worry that drivers are extra distracted and not watching for bikers. I believe the front and back lights on the bikes made the riders more visible and helped prevent what could have been serious accidents. We are extremely appreciative of the Micro-Grant and could not have added this safety feature to our program without your help. Thank you.” – St. Anthony of Padua Parish

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