When cycling ends in tragedy

November 23, 2020

I think we can agree that while 2020 has had it’s challenges, the increase in cycling across the country is a good thing. Cycling makes life better. For mental health, for the environment, for our physical well being, and for the communities we call home. But occasionally a cycling outing ends in tragedy and heartache. 

For the families of Marc (age 37), Dohnovan (age 16) and Althea (age 1), 2020 has been the hardest year yet. The year they had to say goodbye to their loved ones. The year they had their hearts broken because cyclists and motorists still can’t co-exist safely on roads. Can we do more to ensure others don’t suffer the same fate? Yes. Together we can, with your financial support before we start the new year. 

As a supporter of LMB, you know that we work every day to bring educational programming to educate: young and old; cyclists and motorists; those who use cycling for recreation, leisure or transportation. I invite you to join in supporting these efforts in 2021 with your donation today.


Your contribution will allow an increase in distribution of the What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know booklets to adults and children across the state. For $50 an entire school bus of kids can each receive a copy. LMB will be partnering with the Michigan Fitness Foundation to distribute these books to schools who are working with the Safe Routes to School program to actively increase cycling safety.

It will support trainings for law enforcement professionals about how Education, Engineering, Ethics, Empathy, and Equity impact cycling safety for everyone. When we work together to provide safe roads and trails for all who use them for recreation, leisure or transportation, we all win. Each of these classes costs $145 in overhead to hold. Your financial support will allow LMB to provide training to over 100 law enforcement professionals in 2021, and allow our continued advocacy for stronger laws to end distracted driving. 

Research shows that videos help convey information when we can’t be with someone in person. For $800 we can create a video sharing safety tips that can be used for young or old. From proper helmet fitting, to bike lane usage, to how to pass a cyclist while driving, these videos will support everyone in being more confident (and safer) where bikes and motorists co-exist. 

From the youngest riders to the oldest – from those going through drivers education to those who enforce the laws and design the streets – LMB is here to help educate to make everyone safer. With your help, we will educate, advocate and succeed. We will reduce the number of times that cycling ends in tragedy and the heartbreak that families and friends have to endure. Because cycling should not end in tragedy. We invite you to join us with your donation today to make 2021 a year of heartfelt joy.


Thank you,

John Lindenmayer
Executive Director

PS: Join us in making 2021 a year of increased cycling safety and decreased heartache through your donation today.

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