Take Action – Help Bicycle Legislation

May 5, 2017
Misinformation and misconceptions about the laws pertaining to bicyclists is still far too prevalent in Michigan. Just this week, LMB penned a Letter to the Editor in response to a MLive article that, though it had good intentions, spread potentially dangerous inaccurate information. Clear legislation, as well as enhancements to Michigan’s driver’s education curriculum, is needed in order to provide a platform for uniform and correct education of the laws pertaining to bicyclist. With more bicyclists on the roads than ever, and bicycle crash news headlines becoming more and more common, the time is NOW to adopt policies aimed at protecting Michigan bicyclists.
We need YOUR help to make it happen. Please add your name to our Action Alert to support bicycle safety legislation currently making its way through the State Legislature.
Our 5-Foot safe passing bill was re-introduced this session as SB 0123 by Senators Knezek and O’Brien, who also sponsored the bills in 2016. A House version of the bill (HB 4185) was introduced by Representative Bizon. Our driver’s education bill was reintroduced as SB 0124, again by Senators Knezek and O’Brien. House versions of this bill were also introduced as HB 4198 by Representatives Alexander, Bizon, Hughes, Kahle, Hornberger, and Webber. These bills need help to move forward. By adding your name to the Action Alert, you will be sending an email to your State Representative and Senator urging them to support this legislation. Since bills are in play in both chambers, it is important to get as many emails into offices as possible.
Getting this package of bills signed into law is a process, and it is only because of individuals who have banded together that they have gotten this far. In response to our collective voice, these bills were reintroduced early in the New Year. But our work is far from over. Please ask your fellow cyclists, friends, family members, and neighbors to follow your lead and sign the Action Alert as well!
If you’d like to take your action to the next level, please consider joining us for Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day on May 24th at the State Capitol in Lansing. By participating in Advocacy Day, you will be scheduled for a face-to-face meeting with your local lawmakers, or their staff, giving you an opportunity to tell them your stories and why bicycle safety legislation is so important to your community.

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