An update on LMB’s Bike Safety Quiz

January 15, 2021

We’ve been thrilled with the response so far to the new bike safety quiz that LMB released last August, developed with support from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning. Hundreds of people have taken the quiz to date, and we’ve heard a lot of positive feedback! One quiz-taker said:

“I have been riding bikes on the road my whole life. I have been driving a car for over 30 years. I am embarrassed at how many of these questions I got wrong. If you ride a bike in Michigan, please take a few minutes to take the Bicyclists quiz. It could save your life. If you drive a car in Michigan, please take a few minutes to take the Drivers quiz. It could save someone’s life.”

The quiz has also helped us identify common misunderstandings about bicycle safety. For example, the three questions missed most often were about:

  • How many cyclists can ride side by side (answer: 2)

  • How a group of cyclists should proceed through a stop sign (answer: each coming to a complete stop)

  • What’s required for cyclists who ride at night (answer: a white light in front and a red reflector in the rear, although LMB highly recommends a red rear light as well)

As we enter 2021, we’d like to make sure that the quiz gets to lots more people around the state. We’re doing targeted outreach to drivers education instructors, and the quiz may also be a great fit for other groups at the high school or adult level, including physical education classes, scouting groups, religious groups, sports teams, and others. If you know of a group that might like to test and improve their knowledge of Michigan bicycle safety, please send them a link to this post!

While anyone can take the quiz for free at, there are three simple steps for groups that would like to participate:

  1. Contact Erin Sloan-Turner, LMB’s Education Director, at [email protected] to get a class code for your group.
  2. Allow a few days (up to 10) for set-up.
  3. Take the quiz and give us feedback afterwards!

Thanks so much for participating in this educational effort to make Michigan bicycling better and safer for all! Watch for more updates coming soon about our 2021 programs – Erin is adding the final touches to our virtual trainings.

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