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February 8, 2019


by Jason Craner, Development Director

I’ve always loved to listen to stories.  And after a decade of serious cycling I’ve learned that cyclists love to tell stories. We love to trade tales about where we’ve been.  We can’t wait to share the details of our next big ride. The hills are always steep and long and we always seem to ride faster and farther in our stories.

In a lot of ways, as the new Development Director at LMB, it is my job to listen to your stories. I get to hear why you love cycling, why being members of LMB is important to your family, and why giving back to the cycling community makes sense for you. It truly is a dream job.

A few months ago I met Tim Harvey. He is a State Farm Insurance agent who came up with a really cool way to support LMB and to help us make Michigan a more bicycle-friendly state:

“When I first started riding on the road years ago, a friend of mine pointed me to LMB’s website for its safety guide. I have had several close calls during my years of both riding and running, ending up in the ditch multiple times. As an insurance Agent I care a lot about loss mitigation, and I love the things LMB is doing to make roads safer for Cyclists.

Tim did the math. Instead of giving his company’s marketing budget to a marketing firm, he figured he could donate $15 to LMB every time a cyclist asked him for an insurance quote. And it works! It’s called Quotes for Good. Tim gets more safety-conscious clients, cyclists get great insurance and save money (more gear anyone?), and LMB gets a donation. Win. Win. Win.

Look for Tim this summer at all of our tour events: HUBFest, Sunrise Adventure, MUP and Shoreline West. He’s also available right now to give you a quote for an insurance policy and to make a donation to LMB. This quote offer is available to MI residents who are not already State Farm customers.

Are you looking for some creative ways to give back to LMB? I have some ideas and would love to help you out.

  • Post a Facebook Fundraiser on your birthday
  • Name LMB as a beneficiary of your Amazon Smile account. Every time you shop, we get a donation
  • Contact Tim for an insurance quote by emailing your name and phone number to [email protected]

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