What is FAQ?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. This FAQ answers general questions about our tours. Each tour has a few specifics and where needed, this FAQ will send you to the webpage where that info is located. Often we refer to the Rider Info booklet which is a document found on the right side of the specific tour webpage.

What is LMB?

LMB stands for League of Michigan Bicyclists. LMB advocates for bicycle-friendly policies at the State Capitol; provides financial assistance to individuals and organizations with a shared mission; develops and promotes educational materials for children, bicyclists, motorists, engineers, and law enforcement; runs several annual multi-day cycling tours, and creates an annual ride calendar featuring statewide bicycling events. 

Tour proceeds fund LMB’s mission to make Michigan bicycling better for everyone in Michigan including on-the-ground advocacy work that promotes safe bicycling among youth and underserved populations. Learn more about us at https://lmb.org/about/

What does my registration fee include?

Your registration fee includes the meals indicated in the Rider Info Guide, camping tours like MUP and Shoreline West, usually breakfast and dinner, except on layover days, daily SAG stops with hydration and nutrition during each day’s ride, trusty baggage transport, friendly course support that includes a marked route, cue sheets when applicable, SAG vans, mechanic on course and at base camp, transport to medical assistance if needed, an idyllic overnight site that includes camping, showers, restrooms, occasional beer garden and entertainment, food vendors, bike mechanics and massage tent. Some of these items come at an additional cost see your event Rider Info Guide for further details.

Best of all, tour proceeds go directly to help make bicycling better through our advocacy work at the state capitol, educational programs, Micro-Grant awards, and general promotion of bicycling and cycling events across the state.

What is the ‘processing fee’ included in my registration cost?

This is the fee charged by the credit card companies and registration provider to process your registration and payment.  If paying by credit card, a processing fee will be added to your registration at check out. Processing fees are non-refundable. You can avoid paying this fee by registering online and choosing the Pay Later checkbox. This will save your registration information and allow you to mail a check to our office. Your registration is not valid until we receive the check.

Does my registration fee include cancellation/trip insurance?

No. The annual expense of event cancellation insurance would be too cost-prohibitive to maintain it and also be able to continue our advocacy and support work. You should work with your trusted insurance advisor to protect your investment with cancellation/trip insurance. LMB members, however, do receive preferred refund benefits up to 90% of their registration fee. Please make sure you are familiar with our refund and cancellation policy.

Does my registration fee include membership?

No. We would love to have your support! Please join us at: https://lmb.org/members/

What support can I expect on the route?

All LMB tours provide SAG stops positioned along the route so you can refill your bottles with water or electrolyte mix and grab some light nutrition. SAG wagons patrol the tour route to help riders who have a mechanical or physical issue. A mechanic is typically on the route to help get riders back on the road. Cue sheets and GPS maps are available for each day, and when possible, we also physically mark the route for your convenience.

Do you have information about each day’s route?

Yes! If you go to the tour webpage and click each date under Itinerary, it will expand to include preliminary route maps, what meals are provided, overnight information and in general more information about the day. Note, all information is subject to change and we regularly update the tours pages as we finalize additional details about the routes.

Can I add extras like a boat tour, bus ride, gear, and other items after I complete registration?

Yes! Just go to our website LMB.ORG, click on SHOP in the upper right side of the menu, then search for the item you would like to add. To find all the items for your tour easily just type the name of the event in the search bar on the shop and it will bring up all the swag and extras for that event.

Do I have to fix my own flat tires?

Yes! Fixing a flat is important for your enjoyment and safety. Be strong, be self-sufficient, enjoy riding and not waiting for someone to help. There are multiple resources online and at your local bike shop. Often your local bike shop will take the time to walk you through how to fix a flat on your own bike and help you find the tools that work best for you. Give them a call and set up a time! Here is a nice tutorial from REI. Here is a list of tire/wheel tutorials from Park Tools.

Do I have to bring my own tools?

No! Just bring everything you need to fix a flat tire out on the road (see topic and tutorials above). This includes tubes, inflation devices, tire levers, and a patch kit. A pocket multitool is a lifesaver. SAG wagons and SAG Stops carry a basic toolkit and floor pump for those who need a few tools, and the bike mechanic carries an extensive kit to conduct their work. Please note that the bike mechanic is happy to conduct repairs and replace parts for a fee. They will not lend out tools.

Are meals provided?

Depends on the event. MUP, Michigander, and Shoreline West provide breakfast and dinner on riding days as part of your registration fee. Please review the daily itinerary and Rider Info Guide for your tour to see more details.

Do you provide snacks and drinks in camp?

Yes! The tent service vendor will provide snacks as part of their services. For the rest of the ridership we will have drinks and snacks for sale at the service desk. Additionally, we ask that you patronize the local communities we are in to get supplies and snacks as part of the impact we can have during our events is a positive economic effect on the community. 

Do I have to sanitize at SAG stops and when entering the food line?

Yes, it is required! It’s important to protect your health and the health of other participants while on the tour. Since we can only control what happens at the SAG table and the meal service, we ask everyone to use sanitizer liberally. Our process has, to date, helped us keep everyone healthy and prevented the transmission of foodborne illness. 

Can I fill my own water bottle at SAG stops?

 No. We want to serve and protect! Again to protect your health and the health of other participants while on tour, we keep the number of hands on the coolers to a minimum. We all know what the felt part of your riding gloves are for!

I love your tours, how can I support them?

Thank You! One way you can support our tours is by registering to either ride or volunteer. Another great way is to donate to League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB). We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that depends on you to continue our mission. You can also use the built-in donation field in our tour registration forms to make a contribution. New in 2023, LMB is also offering peer-to-peer fundraising opportunities on our tours. You can learn more here.

I don’t have any camping gear, can I still come on the tour?

Depends on the event. Some events do not have camping and are hotel based or single day events. Camping events will be denoted as such at the top of the event page. You can bring your own camping gear, use the tent service provided by our vendors, or you can stay at a nearby hotel/motel. LMB transports your camping gear for you. More information is available in the Rider Info Guide for each specific tour. 

If I have the tent service, what does that include?

The tent service is provided by our vendors. Each event has a different vendor. For some events LMB takes payment and list services and others you will deal directly with the tent vendor. If it is a 3rd party vendor you can find the vendor and a link on each event page at lmb.org. Please visit their site or contact them for details. For events where LMB is taking payment please reach out to [email protected] for questions. 

Who selects the hotel/motel? Is there a group discount?

With the wide variety of tastes and resources represented by those who attend our tours we no longer contract group rates at hotels and therefore no longer obtain discounts. Often our participants are able to find better pricing than a group rate. Once solidified, we do provide the overnight location for each campsite so you can make your reservations wisely. Some circumstances may not allow announcements regarding the exact locations until 30 days prior to the event. 

Is a shuttle provided for me or my bags to and from the hotel/motel?

As a favor to the planet, we recommend either bike commuting to your hotel/motel or using a ride service. Just pack a small bag with your toiletries and camp clothing and leave your big bags on the truck. Just sign out at the info desk so we know not to send out a search party! 

What type of bikes are allowed on the tour?

We are all about bicycles! As long as you can safely navigate and complete the course each day, the bicycle is allowed. Bicycles, adult trikes, recumbents, tandems, handcycles to name a few. Any human-powered bicycle that can safely navigate the course without repeated SAG assistance is allowed. 

Can I use any human-powered machine?

Yes, as long as you can safely navigate and complete the course each day to reach base camp without repeated SAG assistance.

Can I use a bike with a motor?

Yes, as long as the motor is you. LMB only allows human powered bikes including e-bikes. This would include Class I and Class II e-bikes only. See this DNR posting for more clarification.

Can I use an e-bike on the tour?

Yes, as long as it meets the State of Michigan’s definition of an e-bike MCL 257.13e (see Item 28 here).

You are required to bring your own charger, cables, cords, extra batteries and any other equipment needed to charge your e-bike. You must be able to complete each day’s route. We do not allow any type of vehicle that is not human-powered. E-bikes have fully operable pedals and are considered human-powered. E-bike riders who require repeated SAG due to charging issues may be asked to leave the tour.

How do I charge my e-bike?

Charging of e-bikes is currently provided at a designated middle point SAG stop on the route and in camp each night. LMB will provide a designated location to charge your e-bike battery but you must bring any needed chargers, cables, cords, adapters, batteries and any other equipment needed to charge your e-bike. We also strongly suggest you top off your battery if possible when you stop for lunch.

Do I have to finish riding each day by a specific time?

Yes. Route support services are available only during course hours. If you leave before the course opens or are still riding after the course closes, you are riding off tour and no support services are available. The course opens and closes at the time indicated in the Rider Info Guide. Course times may be adjusted by the tour manager. All LMB participants on the course after the course closes, will be approached by SAG and offered a ride to base camp. If you choose to not take the ride you are agreeing to ride without tour support and considered to be riding off tour.

What happens if I can’t finish the day’s ride?

There are SAG wagons on the course each day. They’re available to transport cyclists as needed due to mechanical or medical issues. SAGs also have extra water, if needed. If at any time you need assistance, please signal a SAG instructions how to do so in your event specific rider guide. You will also be provided a phone number to call for SAG support. Medical concerns are given SAG priority and either transported directly to camp or wait with the rider until first responders arrive. Mechanical issues are usually transported to the tour mechanic or a SAG stop where you will wait until SAG can transport you to camp.

What if I wake up one morning and don’t feel able to ride?

For cyclists who are not feeling well or are injured, a SAG wagon will be available each morning to transport cyclists to the next overnight camp. Notify the SAG Coordinator or Tour Manager and they will provide you departure information. You should be able to complete the routes each day. Multiple asks to be SAG supported are a burden on the support to the riders as a whole and if you ask to be SAG supported multiple times you may be asked to leave the event. 

What do I need to bring on the tour?

A bike! Yourself! Seriously, this depends on your style of traveling, but we have several resources for you. Some of our long-time repeat riders have compiled a packing list and you can click here for a recommended packing guide. You’ll also receive an email prior to the tour with a recommended packing list. Remember that these lists are just a guideline and not meant to be comprehensive.

How serious is the weight limit for bags?

Serious. Each rider may bring two bags (duffle bags are ideal). Each bag cannot weigh more than 35 pounds. This weight limit includes your tent and sleeping bag. Bags over the limit will be charged $35 per bag. We ask you to honor the limit and help protect the health of both you and our volunteers. Remember, you’ll have to haul these bags to the camping area and back!

Can I bring an extra bag?

Yes! If you need more luggage space then please purchase the additional bag option for $35. Any bag over the 35-pound weight limit will be charged the extra bag fee.

Can I buy an extra tour t-shirt, jersey or LMB branded mementos during the tour?

Yes! Each day at the information desk you can find a variety of LMB gear for sale. Quantities on tour are limited, so we strongly recommend riders preorder, especially jerseys.Visit the online store for the broadest selection. www.lmb.org/store You will also receive an email with the rider survey on the last day of the event. At which time you will have the option to have an order generated with our Jersey provider for Riding gear. Other items like T-Shirts will be sold on a first come first serve basis and stock quantities are limited. 

How much should I expect to spend while I’m on the ride?

Enough to have fun! The amount will vary depending on your wants and needs. LMB supplies plenty of food and beverages each day for breakfast and dinner, but you are typically  on your own for lunch. There are a myriad of extras you may want to buy along the way including souvenirs, snacks, hydration, adult beverages, massage, bike repair, transportation (taxi, Lyft, Uber, etc.), visit local museums and other points of interest which may require a fee.

Will I have cell/Wi-Fi coverage during the tour?

Yes. No. Sometimes. You shouldn’t expect to have uninterrupted cell phone and/or internet access. Many regions are remote with spotty basic cell service at best. Our tours often overwhelm the Wi-Fi services provided at camp in small towns. When available, we post wifi info at our overnight locations. Our SAG teams use satellite-based communications on the route. Please plan accordingly.

Will there be a way for me to charge electronic devices?

Yes. We provide a charging station indoors near the information desk for you to charge bike computers, GPS units, watches, phones, and other small electrical units. Please remove your items in a timely fashion to allow others use of the outlets.

How do I get a bus ticket, parking pass, jersey, etc, after I’ve already registered for the ride?

You can purchase add on items by logging in to your account and purchasing these items from the store. To do this type your tour name on the search box and you should get all the extras for your event. Visit www.lmb.org/store

Can I ship my bike?

Yes! If you’re flying, the easiest way is to check your BOXED bike as luggage (American and Delta only charge an extra bag fee, Click Here for more info). If you don’t want the hassle of dealing with your bike on the way to the event, ship your bike directly to the shop listed in the event details. LMB will no longer accept and transport bikes pre tour. If you want it assembled, for a fee, our mechanic will build it on check-in day. We also work with local bike shops, who will receive and assemble your bike for a fee. For more information, contact [email protected]

Can I bring my dog, cat or other pet? 

Only in your heart. For the safety of the animal and all tour participants, we do not allow any pets on the tour. If you require a service animal please contact [email protected] to make accommodations.

Can non-riding friends and family come with me?

Yes! All they need to do is register as a Non-Rider/Private SAG and indicate which rider they are accompanying. For more information please review the Non-Rider/Private SAG/RV rules at the end of this FAQ. Another option is to come as a volunteer. Warning, our volunteers work hard and may not get to spend much time with a rider.

Can I bring my own private support person/team?

Yes! All they need to do is register as a Non-Rider/Private SAG and indicate which rider they are accompanying. Please review the Non-Rider/Private SAG/RV rules at the end of this FAQ.

I don’t want to bicycle, can I come on your tour?

Yes! You can come as a volunteer! You can come as a Non-Rider/Private SAG accompanying a registered rider!

What is Private SAG?

Private SAG is the term we use to identify any person(s) who is on the tour to provide private support to a rider. To enhance the safety of riders and their overall experience, Non-Rider/Private SAG vehicles will be asked to take alternate roads to the overnight site wherever possible (directions will be provided). Non-Riders and Private SAG’s should enter the route only for the portion necessary to meet and care for their rider. Please do not attempt to “tag-along” on your own. Please review the Non-Rider/Private SAG rules at the end of this FAQ.

Can I bring a motorhome/camper (RV)?

Yes. The RV driver will need to register as a Non-Rider/Private SAG. Most overnights will have very limited space for RV’s and be filled on a first-come basis. Please review the Non-Rider/Private SAG rules at the end of this FAQ.

Non-Rider/Private SAG Rules

Space on the tour for non-rider vehicles, private SAG and RV’s is limited by the facilities along the tour route and overnight venues. Anyone accompanying a rider as a Non-Rider/Private SAG through the week should adhere to the following rules:

  • Anyone accompanying a rider through the week will register as a Non-Rider/Private SAG
  • Non-Rider/Private SAG will provide their own transportation to/from/during the tour.
  • All vehicles will be registered. Please click here to fill out our Vehicle Registration Form. Only registered vehicles may park at overnight venues.
  • Non-Rider/Private SAG may set up tents in the overnight camping area. Tents must be for overnight occupancy. Pop up canopies, pavilions and car tents are only allowed in the vehicle parking areas.
  • Vehicles will park in designated areas. This area is limited in size and filled on a first-come basis. It is located to prevent obstruction to official tour vehicles and keeping the camping area as quiet as possible during quiet hours. 
  • The designated parking area is not an RV park – most likely it’s a school parking lot, city park, or someone’s field. RV hookups (water, electricity and dumping stations) will be unavailable. Help us protect the Great Lakes and their beauty by not disposing of greywater onto the parking lot or into the soil. There are many RV campgrounds along the tour. Paying them a small fee will provide you access to their dump stations and protect the watershed. You can find these locations using Google or an app like Sanidumps.com
  • Do not plug into outdoor power sources from our overnight hosts. We usually have circuits at capacity providing electricity for our riders to charge their electronic devices and e-bikes. Generators are permitted except during quiet hours.
  • All vehicles will drive alternate routes to each overnight location. To enhance the safety of riders and their overall experience, we ask all non-tour vehicles to take alternate roads to the overnight site wherever possible (directions will be provided).
  • Private SAG’s will enter the route only for the portion necessary to meet and care for their rider.
  • Do not bike the route unless you registered as a rider.
  • Leave your overnight area clean. Your space should be free of debris and stains. Take active measures to prevent leaving any trace of your stay.
  • Quiet Hours – Remember that most of our participants are in tents and everyone needs their sleep. Please observe quiet hours from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day. During quiet hours you may not set up or tear down, operate a generator (10 p.m. to 7 a.m.), and drive through the parking area with headlights on. Please be mindful of all noise you make during quiet hours, including not letting porta potty doors slam. If you are an especially light sleeper, we strongly suggest bringing ear plugs.
  • Vehicles are welcome to park off-site if they feel these rules to be too cumbersome.