League of Michigan Bicyclists Volunteer Programs

2024 Volunteer Beneficiary Program 

   LMB is a volunteer-driven organization. Without committed and passionate people like you, LMB would not exist. The success of our events, tours, and the overall strength of the organization relies on your dedication and service. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: These opportunities to volunteer are not aligned with any specific discounts or free access to the events. We ask for volunteers to help to broaden the impact these events can have for our grant programs and other outreach we do across the state. Volunteers allow LMB to designate more funds back to the cycling community and help us improve life through bicycling. In exchange for the service you provide to the LMB, we will do the following for you…

Group volunteering 

SAG stations: We are looking for bike clubs and trail organizations, youth groups, and other community organizations like band boosters, hockey teams, etc to oversee SAG stops on our tours.

SAG station responsibilities include distributing water and snacks, minor first aid supplies, tire pumps and repair tools, etc. SAGs need not be bicycle enthusiasts themselves. Ideal candidates are personable, enjoy interacting with people, and comfortable being outside throughout the volunteer shift. 

A minimum of two adults are required to run each station. There is no cap on the size of the youth group but the minimum adult count is required to keep things safe for all. All payments are for the group running the station. Regardless of the size of the group SAG stations are paid by group and not by individual attendance. 

  • 4 hours = $100 donation to a nonprofit organization of your choice
  • 8 hours = $250 donation to a nonprofit organization of your choice


Individual volunteering

You will receive credit towards the tour you are participating on OR a donation to a nonprofit of your choice. Credits do not carry forward to future events or years. If you are not participating in a LMB event but still want to volunteer, you can select a beneficiary nonprofit to receive a donation in your name. Individuals are not eligible for direct payments. 

  • 4 hours = $20 donation to a nonprofit organization of your choice or a discount off registration based on hours worked (not to exceed the full registration amount)
  • 8 Hours = $50 donation to a nonprofit organization of your choice or a discount off registration based on hours worked (not to exceed 75% of  the full registration amount) 

LMB donated funds must be used to support your local program through an eligible non profit.

Don’t have a beneficiary nonprofit in mind or simply want to designate your earned volunteer beneficiary dollars directly back to LMB’s granting program? No problem! Individual and group volunteers will have the option to select LMB as their beneficiary organization. We will designate your earned funds into our Micro-Grant fund to be granted to bicycling programs across the state that improve life through bicycling.

However you volunteer, we recognize the valuable contribution your efforts have in making our events a tremendous success! Thank you!!! We always appreciate the hard work and dedication of our  amazing volunteers!


       Shoreline West





I want to thank the many humans who have helped us over the last 40 years to make LMB tours some of the most desired in the nation. The breadth of what our volunteers help us to accomplish is unmatched and I just want to make sure all our past, present, and future volunteers know how big of an impact they have made and will continue to make. So once again: thank you. 

We are working hard behind the scenes to build events that are truly for everyone so we want the same to ring true for our volunteers. If you are facing a disability or unique situation that you would like to discuss as it relates to you volunteering, please feel free to reach out to me directly at tours@lmb.org or call the office and they can get the message to me for follow up.


Neal Glazebrook
Events Director