Tour Da Yoop, Eh is more than just a 1,200 mile circuit through some of the most beautiful terrain in the United States. Tour Da Yoop, Eh offers some of the finest road biking in the world. Our little peninsula is covered with expansive roads, free of dangerous traffic, and littered with sparkling waterfalls, unique landmarks, and awe-inspiring lake views. Join us in riding and raising money for U.P. families battling childhood cancer. Come see what it truly means to tour da yoop, eh.

You can sign up for all 10 days with The Full Experience package, enjoy half of the bike tour with the Western Loop package, dip your toes into Tour Da Yoop, Eh with the Eastern Loop package, or build your own package with individual sections. Your adventure is up to you.

The Chasing Plaid Challenge

Riding 1,200 miles around the entire perimeter of the U.P. is a heck of a bucket list accomplishment. That’s about the same distance as Detroit to Disney World—but way cooler. The Red Plaid Jersey is our nod to you!

Red Plaid is for the bikers that ride the entire 1,200 miles throughout 10 sections (about 120 miles a day). You may do it in 10 days or over 10 years. Once finished, you earn the right to wear one of the coolest jerseys ever! During the Plaidurday celebration event, we pass out the Red Plaid jersey the night before a rider finishes their 10th day, so they can ride that final section in ultimate style.


180 N Maple St
Manistique, MI 49854

Manistique, MI

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