Race #5 of the D&D Bicycles 2022 MiSCA Race Series.

A machine-built trail that was built specifically with mountain bikers in mind, this trail flows and takes you for a fun ride, while still introducing some technical challenges in the form of roots and rocks. Merrell alternates direction depending on the day, so please plan your pre-rides accordingly. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday follow red Arrows in a counter-clockwise direction. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday follow yellow arrows in a clockwise direction. Parking and main staging area will be out of Premier Park and the Meijer Sports Complex off of Ten Mile Rd in Rockford.

These are student-only races for Elementary, Middle, and High School-ages. No team, no problem – students can participate as individuals. To be eligible to race, students must be registered in MiSCA’s online system. Additionally, the rider will register for the races they plan to participate in.


3300 10 Mile Rd NE
Rockford, MI 49341

Premier Park / Art Van Sports Complex

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