DALMAC – Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw bike ride

Gorgeous scenery, varied terrain, and amazing vistas greet DALMAC riders on every route. This family-friendly, all-ages, supported bike tour is a must-do for any bicyclist. Each route varies in distance providing just the right challenge for all cyclists whether beginner or experienced, relaxed paced or speedy On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the week before Labor Day each year, cyclists load their bags on trucks in East Lansing, MI, or points beyond, and begin riding one of the 7 routes to Mackinaw City. Most camp in school yards where local organizations provide meals in school cafeterias. The event provides an appreciated source of revenue to schools, athletic teams, band boosters, small businesses, and community groups all along each route and in host towns. Riders look forward to finding and re-visiting favorite breweries, ice cream shops, beaches, scenic venues, lunch stops, stores, rest stops, and host town venues that add to the revenue of communities, organizations, churches, convenience stores, and small businesses. Riders enjoy many lesser traveled roadways, gravel roads, and Michigan’s varied scenery. Michigan’s terrain is mostly rolling, but at least one hill provides a long-talked-about challenge. All routes finish by 6 p.m. on Sunday evening. Some riders are met by family or friends for the return trip, while others choose to pre-purchase a ticket to load their bicycles on the baggage trucks and return to their original departure point on chartered buses. Many riders return year after year to enjoy DALMAC and we are so glad that you do! Thank you for riding DALMAC!!!


4301 Farm Lane
East Lansing, MI 48824

Michigan State University Pavilion

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