Join us for a Colorburst 41st Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, October 19th, 2024! Ride founder Craig Campbell originally started the memorial ride from Chief Hazy Cloud Park in Ada, and we shall do the same. There are 3 routes from which to choose. A scenic 50 km (31 mile) road route to Fallasburg Park and back, then two 100 km (62 mile) routes through Fallasburg Park, then up to Belding and Greenville and back. The Road 100K route is all paved, while the Adventure 100K route includes gravel and bike paths. Registration and ride start is from 9am till noon. We will be providing coffee and doughnuts/pastries at the start, and firing up the grill about noon upon your return. This is largely a self supported ride with very limited on-road support. Riders should be able to carry some of their own hydration and nutrition and repair their own flats. However, there are several possible stops for food & hydration, as well as restrooms, along the route.


150 Pettis Ave NE
Ada, MI 49534

Chief Hazy Cloud

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