We recognize that the bicycling community, including LMB, has sometimes excluded people on the basis of race, gender, income level, age, or body type. Instead, we embrace diversity.

We recognize that advocacy for bike lanes has sometimes been abused to advance gentrification and shift investments in safe streets or trails toward more privileged neighborhoods. Instead, we stand for equity.

We recognize that bicycling has sometimes neglected the needs of people with disabilities for adaptive cycling and accessible places to ride. Instead, we choose inclusion.

We respond by making a commitment to listen, learn, and act.

We listen by reaching out, showing up, and making space to hear from new voices.

We learn by putting in the work, making connections, and striving for constant improvement.

We act to build a bicycle movement that everyone can be part of, and that makes bicycling better for everyone.

We ask you to hold us accountable to these commitments. Tell us when we fall short, help us to do better, and join us in our mission to improve life through bicycling.