The Baroudeur, hosted by Wayne State University, is a fun, noncompetitive event that gives riders of all abilities an opportunity to explore the Motor City and surrounding area on two wheels while helping economically disadvantaged students pursue higher education.

Baroudeur means fighter or warrior in French. It is a term used in cycling for riders not afraid to break away from the peloton and do things on their own, even if they might be an underdog.

In Paul Fournel’s collection of cycling essays, Vélo, he describes baroudeurs as “adventurers, opportunists and chancers. They do not seek the love of their colleagues in the peloton, but strain at the leash, pushing against convention, experimenting and taking risks. They are generalists and polymaths, adept at multiple disciplines.”

Many Wayne State students and alumni are baroudeurs at heart, and all are Warriors.

Rider amenities

  • Post-ride lunch, beer and music
  • Refreshments along the route
  • Limited edition Baroudeur T-shirt
  • Support and Gear (SAG) vehicles
  • Free parking


5501 Anthony Wayne Drive
Detroit, MI 48202

Wayne State University

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