This year’s family-friendly five-day bicycle tour features routes on roads, the Pere Marquette Trail and the White Pine Trail and the Cadillac Pathway for dirt trail riding, all from the convenience of a single camping location, Veteran’s Memorial Park Campground in Marion, MI.

SummerTour is three bicycling tours in one:

  • Roads, routes and maps. Enjoy northern Michigan’s rolling terrain.
  • Drive and ride the paved White Pine and Pere Marquette rail/trails.
  • Ride your own story. Grab your county maps and find your own adventure.

The tour begins on Wednesday, July 15 and ends on Sunday, July 19, 2020. Camping will be available starting on Tuesday, July 14 after 4 PM at no additional charge.

Daily routes will vary between 25 and 75 miles, with various options. The Sunday rides will be a shorter variety to allow for returning to camp, shower and check-out by 2 PM.

This is primarily a tent camping tour, with provision for some RVs (for an extra fee). Be ready to “Ride Your Own Story.” Take your bicycle anywhere. Do your own thing. We’ll be back in the same campground at the end of the day.

Included in the basic fee are tent camping facilities, route maps, SAG service, and meals. Dinners are Wednesday through Saturday, and breakfasts are Thursday through Sunday at the campground. Campground Hosts will help with questions and provide you with snacks in the afternoons, group campfires with S’mores and munchies some evenings.

Marion is wonderful for bicycling.  The roads are good.  Traffic is light.  A good vacation in the saddle. Bicycle Michigan’s heartland.

Tri-County Bicycle Association (TCBA) of Lansing, MI sponsors SummerTour.  It is open to all capable interested bicyclists. The first 150 entries will be accepted.

For more information or questions email [email protected], or call 734-330-2283 (leave a message).


226 S. Mill St.
Marion, MI 49665

Veteran's Memorial Park Campground

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